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Nichols Creek Waterfall - in Dunedin - photographed by Geoff Adams - have you seen this?

A lithograph of Dunedin in 1898 - supplied by Geoff Adams

Even on a wet day it is good to admire the garden. If you’re going past you can wave at the 'folk' in my bay window. Love to all and keep safe. Ann Barrowclough.

My fascination with the work of M.C.Escher and my own love of architecture ,inspired me to design the Fibonacci painting and the Railway Station. These are mixed media images where there are distorted photographs interspersed with watercolours. It’s a process I’ve been developing over the past ten years - Doug Hart.

Nature, especially since I’ve come to live in New Zealand, inspire me to look at the interactions of creatures within their environment. The whales dance and play around each other and are tolerant of the pods that join them - Doug Hart.

The watercolour of Moeraki lighthouse is my usual way of presenting buildings that differ from other artists. I like to exaggerate features of the buildings to make the viewer look more intently at the subject - Doug Hart.

This begonia demanded to be looked at and admired - an on-line lecture from Jorge Luis Borges reminded me of the line from Keats "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". I have the photo as the backdrop on my 'phone now - Alan Jackson.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Otago, Harlene Hayne (centre), thanks Alan Jackson, chair of the Board of U3A Dunedin for the 150th birthday gift of $50,000 from our charitable funds . This will be used to set up a scholarship in perpetuity for a graduate student.

Gretchen Kivell (right), our former chair, helped forge the Memorandum of Understanding with the University for this project. The gift is a recognition of the “special relationship” we have with the University.

The funds are to be paid in two tranches of $25 000 as term deposits mature - the first one in November 2019, the second in November 2020.

Assoc Prof Gordon Parsonson turned 100 on 21st November 2019. During 2019 he attended four U3A Dunedin courses.

Secretary Marion Potter arranged a gift basket and with Chair Alan Jackson delivered it the day before Prof's birthday. Our doughty FORUM editor Geoff Adams was there with his trusty camera.

Who would have expected snow in the morning towards the end of Series 3? This outside former chair John Burton's home on 26th September 2019.

During the 2019 winter series, Dunedin Music Maestro Calder Prescott reminisced about the Big Band scene in Dunedin. Here he talks to Assistant Treasurer Alistair Wright - about the time his band played at Alistair's 21st birthday. Wow.

Children at Tahuna Normal Intermediate School encourage U3A visitors to get down to it as they programme robotic spheros to test speed. April 2019.

U3A visitors to Tahuna Normal Intermediate are fascinated by children’s use of a Hundreds Chart in mathematics to explore combinations of multiples and prime numbers. April 2019.

Emeritus Professor Alan Horsman turned 100 on 24th October 2018

Bruce McMillan demonstrates the workings of some of the older computing equipment to U3A at the Toitu Early Settlers Museum - March 2018

New members meet the Board over coffee at Ironic Café. Gretchen Kivell (far right), new chair of the U3A board is speaking. To her left is the former chair Jane Higham.

Ngaire Bates (left), convenor of the U3A Dunedin Discussion Groups, in conversation with new members.

At lovely Salmond College for the AGM and (later) lunch

Experiencing tectonic behaviour on the Technology in Art Course

Lecturers Doug Hart & David Green Technology in Art Course

Early art movie - Technology in Art Course

Technology and Art

Augmented Reality

David Green making a point on the Technology in Art Course

Discussing U3A Board matters

Fellowship over tea and coffee

We all managed to try out some of the wonderful instruments brought along by enthusiastic Dr Jennifer Cattermole. The instrument is the Taonga Puoro Horn.

This photo shows the reproduction of the Hotere “Rain” banners recently installed at the University Richardson Building foyer, the place where the originals used to hang. These banners are a replica of the original now in the Hocken. On the right David Howard reading the short poem "Rain" by Hotere's friend Hone Tuwhare that inspired the original work. At left is Dr Elaine Webster, Director of University of Otago Summer School and Continuing Education. U3A Dunedin paid for the restoration work and reproduction of the banners.