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 Free Digital Skills Workshops at Dunedin City Library


Otago Museum - Specially Priced Drinks and Meals for Seniors + Free Talks


Otago Global Health Institute 14th Annual Conference:

16th November 2021 3.30 to 7pm - Otago Business School - Union Street East


Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference

14–17 November, 2021 in Dunedin


Vice Chancellor Appointed


Queen's Birthday Honour


Centre for Sustainability





Physiotherapy treatment for people with knee osteoarthritis


Adults (45-85) Brain Signature of Pain Study


Breathing perception and its relationship to anxiety


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At University


Medical Help

Targeted use of vitamin C (ascorbate) to prevent cardiovascular disease and leukaemia


Friends of the Medical School

U3A Members are exactly the right group to help the trainee doctors in their studies. “Friends” help students with interviewing and sharing experiences about coping with situations - of which we all have much know-how by this time in our lives. If you are not already a “Friend” (my wife and I have been “Friends” (of the Med School!)) for several years, please collect a brochure from the registration desk at U3A courses and see what you can do to keep Otago’s reputation at the top of the country’s rankings.

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