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From 6.00am on Sunday 28th February until 6.00am Sunday 7th March in Otago we are at Alert Level 2.


This will mean some changes to Series 1 in the coming week.


Eight Members of The Board and Programme Committee met at 10am Sunday 28th February to decide on the best course of action.


  • Decision: The Golf Club cannot operate under Alert Level 2, and so Courses A and B have to be rescheduled. When they are, new brochures will be placed on the web. It is expected that the courses will start on Tuesday 9th March.
  • Decision: The Museum prefers not to offer our planned course this week, even though the Museum will be open. The session of Course C will be postponed and now start on Wednesday 10th March (and run for 6 weeks).
  • Decision: Leith Bowling Club can operate under Alert Level 2 by re-arranging chairs to provide social distance.
  • Course D – Composers has 84 on the final roll. We know some will not attend and we are safely under the 100 allowed. John Drummond is prepared to deliver and so we plan to proceed as planned.
  • Course E – Misadventures has 133 on the final roll – we know that some will not attend, but this is well over the permitted 100. Postponed until March 11th.
  • Course F – Greeks has 38 on the final roll. Harry Love is prepared to deliver and so we plan to proceed as planned. This course was postponed twice in 2020.


  • Advice to members is simply: Follow the Ministry Guidelines
  • o   If unwell, stay at home.
    o   If anxious about being in a larger group either stay away or wear a mask.


If the Alert Level remains at Level 2 into the following week, we will be in touch again.


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