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Online course enrolment — Series 2 2019

Please complete this form to enrol in any of our Winter 2019 courses.  See course details here 

  • Applications close on 2 May 2019.
  • The fee for each course is shown below. You will be given payment options once you finish submitting your enrolment.
  • After enrolments close a random ballot will be run where needed to cope with over-subscribed courses.
  • You may enrol only if you are a paid-up member of U3A Dunedin for 2019.

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Number of courses you wish to attend if places are available:

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Please rank your preferences for courses, using “1” for most preferred, “2” for next preferred, etc. You do not need to include all courses in your preference list. However, because of limitations in the number of places available for each course, you are strongly advised to include more courses than the number you wish to attend.

Fashion and Dunedin$45
Delivering Justice$45
My Hobby$45
Banding Together$45
Farming – Present & Future$45
Morality, Mischief, Politics and Macbeth$45

If you wish to attend any of your courses with another U3A member then please enter
    their membership username:     and membership number: 
(Note: the other member must also specify your membership name and number on their enrolment.)

(Any previously submitted details will be overwritten by this enrolment.)

Need additional help with the form? Contact the Programme Convenor (courses@u3adunedin.org.nz, 021 258 4183) or the Secretary (mw.potter42@gmail.com, 453 4721).