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Discussion Groups

Groups running this year

GroupWhen it is heldTopic for November
BookFirst Friday afternoonAny book that you have been reading
Expanding Musical HorizonsSecond Monday morningSinging through the centuries Pt 3
FilmCourse fully bookedEarly Summer Yasujiro Ozu film
GallerySecond Wednesday morningShow and tell piece of artwork at Maryalice's home
Local HistoryFourth Wednesday morningDunedin Botanic Gardens
Monday Current AffairsThird Monday afternoonTo be advised
PoetryCourse fully bookedTo be advised
Tuesday Current AffairsThird Tuesday morningTo be Advised
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Discussion Groups Newsletters

Background to our Discussion Groups

It was at the request of some members of U3A Dunedin that the Board consider setting up courses where interaction between participants was encouraged. This was one of the original aims of the U3A group and had been lost with the need to provide courses for larger audiences to cope with the increasing membership. The Board, therefore, initiated the Small Group courses which started in 2015 under the guiding hand of Judith Cowley. Initially we offered four courses and we have swelled that number since. The name was changed to Discussion Groups in 2017. These are run autonomously and independently of our main courses — with each group setting its own agenda, numbers, venues and financial commitment. Membership of these groups is limited to members of U3A Dunedin Inc. We are grateful to Ngaire Bates for continuing this part of our work.